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Indonesia Millennial Summit by IDN Times

Indonesia Millennial Summit unites leaders from different areas with a common goal of implementing an effective (and real) dialogue. In the midst of loud, and at times confusing, noises, Indonesia Millennial Summit is a sanctuary where ideas will be said, heard, and done. An effective dialogue is one where actions are taken, not just spoken.

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Our initiative does not end only with only a day of discussion. We envision this summit to be a call for action, one day for one year ahead.

The summit will be held on 19 January 2019. For the following year of 2019, we hope to see concrete changes. We believe that Indonesian Millennials have an abundance of ideas, but the process from imagination to implementation is a challenge we should overcome.

We plan to cultivate the creative minds of Indonesian Millennials through a formal framework. IMS gathers leaders - influential decision-makers of our generation - to discuss plans and collaborate towards a shared agenda.


Indonesia Millennial Summit is an independent summit by IDN Times committed to shaping Indonesia’s future by bringing together leaders from all across the archipelago and across disciplines. This multi-stakeholder approach will involve leaders from Academics, Athletes, Government Officials, Business Leaders, NGO Leaders, Social Entrepreneurs, Activists, Artists, Religious Leaders, and Scientists and will provide space for unique idea and solution to flourish.